Frequently asked questions about our Workbenches.

What type of wood is used for the Workbench structure?

We currently use "DSS" Southern yellow Pine for our Workbench and Reloading Bench frames and legs. This stands for Dense Select Structural. The moisture content is .05, where common pine is dried to a 15 moisture content. This type of wood is more durable, and has virtually no knots, therefore no shrinkage! This wood is used in Post & Beam Homes, Wharfs, Decks, and Boardwalks.

Why use Butcher Block?

We currently use Woodweld Maple or Ash Butcher Blockon all of our Bench Tops and Select Structural SouthernYellow Pine for legs and Frames. Bally Block is an American Company in business for over 100 years.

What Does a Recessed Shelf Mean?

The great part of having a Custom Workbench is the ability to bring the Face of the Bottom shelf back behind the front legs. This opportunity offers Leg Room so you can use a stool or chair without interfering with the bottom. Please note: you can always ad more shelves to your bench! See Shelving Additions in the Accessories section.

What Color options do I have for my Workbench?

All Bench tops are Natural Butcher Block Maple- This is a Natural Maple color that goes with most any accent stain color. We keep them in this standard color since all tops are treated with a food safe, stain resistant finish that also repels gasoline and petroleum based liquids. Frames, Legs Shelves , and other wooden parts are stained and Polyurethaned. They are as follows: Gunstock- is a light brown with a hint of red. It is our most popular and is seen in most of the photos on our site. Sedona Red - is our newest stain. It has more of a red clay color. Similar to that of the etched earth in the Grand Canyon. Very attractive. Honey Gold - Is a Natural wood look and takes on the true color of the wood. The unique aspect is that it mellows with time. Ebony - This color is a Black alternative, However it is a stain so it shows the natural Grain of the wood. Think of Black with a Golden hue of Tigers eye. Red Mahogany- While you'll see no Red in this as the Yellow of the pine gives it a golden hue , it offers more of a Walnut appearance.

Can you Build my bench to my specification?

Yes! well sort of. . . , We offer choices bench height, shelf depth, color, and other choices on each page. On some of the choice options there is the choice called "Other";. If you wish to choose a different increment, simply add the request to the Comment section at check out. You Can Choose not to have a back splash and have a lip instead. We still include the Back splash for use at a later Date .You can specify a different color to match your decor as long as it is attainable in our region. Sorry we do not ship unfinished benches. We can alter the bottom shelf depth for computer table or other uses where seating will interfere with the shelf. We can modify the depth of the benches on a case by case basis. Some additional charges may apply.

Is there an additional charge to have my name on the Workbench?

There is no charge for your name or short message on the Bench Front. There may be a charge for additional engraving or logo additions. We also do some very Creative Pictorial Carvings to add your Personality to the bench at a charge.

Why does it take up to 12 weeks for my order to be completed

We build orders on a first come, first served basis. There are no exceptions. At times we have clients willing to pay more, however, thats not how we do business. Some orders have more than one workbench, as well as accessories, and others do not. Since every bench is built to order we need this time to make sure that your order is the best it can be. There may be times when a run is delayed due to Covid - 19, Commodity Availability or simply the Weather. This is something that is beyoond our control. Lastly, based on the First Come, First Served philosophy ~ Some clients in that pecking order may have more than one bench on order. Since I / We build 10 benches per production run your order may be pushed into the next cycle.

Can you ship the bench fully assembled?

Yes! However, there is an additional cost. Shipping is based on "Knocked Down Freight" which is less Costly. It is also not recommended since it takes more time to remove the bench from the pallet than following the 25 minute assembly instructions. This bench is designed forsimple assembly! We have done this type of shipping in ADA situations primarily.