How To Order

When ordering Custom Workbenches you have several Standard Options. We break down our workbench styles into different categories:



  • Workbenches: These are Garage Style benches that offer a 1 3/4" Butcher Block worktop, Frame, Legs, Bottom shelf, and  Rear Backsplash.

Specialty Benches with Top Tier Shelving

  • Gunsmith Benches: Currently one style called the "Ben Franklin" which a Mix of a Fly Tying Bench, Jewelers Bench and Gunsmith Bench. Multiple Sizes.

  • The Constitution Reloading bench: The only Reloader designed for this purpose. The Top Tier Shelves act as a counter balance for most reloading presses


Choices to make:


Please note that all orders are Custom made and our current order to ship time is ~ 60 Business Days from order to Ship ~ depending on order size as well as orders ahead of yours, and whether you have been placed on a waiting list*


In this world of instant gratification, where most furniture buyers walk into "Bob’s" Discount Furniture, Ikea or Ashley Furniture and walk out an hour later with something that’s substandard and unsustainably produced overseas by huge multi-national conglomerates, we find ourselves immensely grateful to our customers for their patience in waiting for the real thing. When buying furniture that’s built to last a lifetime, we hope you’ll feel it’s worth the wait.

  • Choose your bench Color based on our standard offerings. This is for the Bench Frame, Legs, and Shelf. Please remember that all Bench Tops are Natural Maple Butcher Block with a Satin Finish. We do not stain these tops.

  • Choose your Finish: Satin ( a more oiled Look) or Gloss (more Shiny in appearance).

  • Choose your Bench Height: This helps personalize your bench to fit your body height rendering a more comfortable working level to enhance hours work time with your projects.

  • Choose Bottom Shelf Recess: This feature allows more or less Leg room at your bench. You can choose Standard where the shelf is equal front to back, or the front can be set back in inch increments as far as you wish. For custom recess, please indicate in the Comment section at Check out.

  • Engraving: Customizing the Top Shelf engraving adds personality to your bench. You can add a quote at no Charge and a Pictorial Carving at a Charge. 

  • Carving space varies based on the size of the bench. Typical layout is Name on Bench front, Small Quote on top shelf. Please see Custom Engraving page https://www.americareloads.com/custom-engraved-patterns.html for more information or Visit https://store.designandmake.com/modelShop  and browse the Model Shop. Once you find the carved image that you like, email it to us at John@americareloads.com.

  • Gold Leaf or Black Lettering: On Darker or Lighter finishes, renderings can be hard to see, or you may wish to embellish your engraving by adding a Hand Painted option at a charge.

  • ** Benches are shown with certain Options such as Drawers, Casters, and Vises . These Options are shown to allow you to see some of the different configurations available to make your bench completely suit your Professional or Hobby needs. 



       Shipping Info:

Heavy Freight - Price* includes Residential Delivery, Delivery Appointments & Curbside Delivery. 


One Price: $325.00**

Flat Rate Price Remains the same for the Lower 48 States. This includes up to Two Bench Products on an order.

There will be a charge for additional Workbenches, Shelving Racks, or if you exceed two workbenches or your  destination is in a remote or rural location. 


Please see Order Info/Shipping Cost for Limitations. 

* America Reloads has scaled down to a two man shop. John Chose to down size yet keep availability of this great product on the market. Lets call it Semi - Retirement. If you are placed on a waiting list, you will be refunded 75% of the full purchased, and billed the balance when your order enters the pipeline.

** Based on the volatility of the shipping market Pricing is subject to change without notice.