Building a Bench for Jimmy Buffett

It was 2012 and I get this call. . . . 


"Hello", I'm Jimmy Buffetts' Personal Assistant , Jimmy was surfing the Web and Saw your Ben Franklin workbench and would like to find out if you could make a Custom Size for his Sag Harbor Home?"

I said " Yea, and I just spoke to Lucille Ball yesterday" 

He Chuckled, and said . . . "No Really. . . .No Joke . . .He doesn't want any Deals, he simply wants a particular size and Hopes that it could be finished by the time his Summer Tour reaches New York, so he could be there to receive it"

Having been a Fan, (of course like many others) I was honored to think that Mr. Buffett was interested in one oof my products.

I took the order, and asked what type of Carvings he might like on the bench.

I was told that he loves the Martin Company and especially the D-28 Guitar.


Panic sets in.I need to get D-28 Artwork!!!!


I decided to call back Mr. Buffett's Personal Assistant and tell him my plans to add Twin D-28's and the Martin Logo, with a Treble Clef on the Bench front. He approved the Idea and introduced me to Dick Boak who is the Art Director for Martin Guitars. Dick send me artwork of the D-28 so I could vectorize it for my carving software.

We shipped his bench on time for the New York Rendezvous. Time passed and I hadn't heard a thing, as I anticipated I might get a call as to whether he was pleased with our work.... A week later I received the pictures posted here in an email along with a note saying he was very pleased. The next week, a box arrived. . . with signed photos, Hats, Tee Shirts and other memorabilia for the entire Staff!!!!

A Perfect ending and testimony. 

What Happened Next?