At American Workbench ~ Reloads We are a Tad bit Different!

I can remember back in 2007 while I was juggling between operating hotels and Starting up American Workbench using eBay as our only source of Sales. Oh I was building one or two benches a week and shipping them out. At that time there were only 2 small sizes - The Big John 30" x 48" and the Little John at 24" x 48". There was one Color "Honey Gold" one Height at 34". Each morning at the Hotel I would have coffee with the owner; let's call him Horace. We had been working on selling this beach hotel in Charleston and he asked me

"Hey, so what are you going to do when the Hotel sells?" I said well I started this little company in my garage making workbenches...... He chuckled and said "Heck [Southern Drawl], y'all can get a workbench at Lowes for a hundred fifty bucks!. Plus anybody can copy you!" So that got me thinking. I suppose the best way to share my thinking process is to share this Video. Why? It expresses what was going on in my head as to what my product was going to be.......

I said "Horace! Nobody makes a Custom wooden Workbench like what I am planning!" I plan on building 5 different styles, 10 different sizes, my clients could choose their Height, Color, add accessories, have their name carved on it [ in the beginning I actually hand wood burned names] and eventually I'm gonna carve insignias them." Can Lowes do that?

All in all it took 15 years to make American Workbench into the brand it was up until 2019 when although I didn't know it at the time, while my lovely wife became a distraction to me and the kids as her behavior was changing. I had to direct most of my attention to family. Four months later we found out that she had a brain tumor that had affected how she perceived the world. This was a month into Covid 19. I had closed the Company so as to pay attention to our children. I'm excited to say that while things aren't exactly perfect in my world [ see our about us page ] I am compelled to reopen what we started based on the many emails we've received about our Workbenches and Reloading Benches. Like the Video we don't just play on an expected theme like "Just a Workbench!" We like to play outside of the box to make each individual bench to fit the character of our Clients! I am also working to pay back the few that I owe when I was forced to walk away for my Family. Thats the American way! ~ God Bless, and Stay Free! ~ John

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