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Updated: May 11, 2021

Jennifer lives in Summerville, South Carolina.

Jennifer's new window on the world!
Putting her Customized Ben Franklin together to make it just right!

A Window on the World for Jennifer

A few years back we were contacted by Jennifer's father Jim. He explained that she had been in a severe Automobile accident and lost most of the use of her lower torso. Before that, she was an active young woman with a bright future ahead. For the longest time, as with anyone faced with a new physical challenge, she went through periods of depression.

I suppose if we all look back to our younger years, there was a period where we needed to "Find" ourselves. Our character is an accumulation of experiences and lesson, our goals; while they are ever changing, are based on the lifestyle and goals we settle on. So when she experienced this life changing event, she was at Ground Zero.

Immediately after a traumatic event, it is common for people to feel shocked, or numb, or unable to accept what has happened.

Shock  - when in shock you feel:

stunned or dazed or numb cut off from your feelings, or from what is going on around you.

Denial -  when in denial, you can't accept that it has happened, so you behave as though it hasn't. Other people may think that you are being strong or that you don't care about what has happened.

Over several hours or days, the feelings of shock and denial gradually fade, and other thoughts and feelings take their place.

What happens next?

People react differently and take different amounts of time to come to terms with what has happened. Even so, you may be surprised by the strength of your feelings. It is normal to experience a mix of feelings. You may feel:

Frightened … that the same thing will happen again, or that you might lose control of your feelings and break down.

Helpless … that something really bad happened and you could do nothing about it. You feel helpless, vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Angry … about what has happened and with whoever was responsible.Guilty … that you have survived when others have suffered or died. You may feel that you could have done something to prevent it.Sad … particularly if people were injured or killed, especially someone you knew.

Ashamed or embarrassed … that you have these strong feelings you can't control, especially if you need others to support you.

Relieved … that the danger is over and that the danger has gone.

Hopeful … that your life will return to normal. People can start to feel more positive about things quite soon after a trauma.

Jim explained that before the accident, Jennifer had many hobbies and over time the desire to express herself through Art, and Writing came back; and he saw that as a window of Hope. He felt strongly that she could find a level of normalcy in her day if she could steep herself into expression. He stated that she had tried different areas of the house to sit and get her hands back into the things that she loved to do, however, there really wasn't a place where she felt comfortable. He saw one of our Ads and thought "Custom". After our chat together, I invited him to bring Jenifer to our shop and let her choose a style. Then we would discuss her comfort positions , measure, and allow the bench to accommodate her in a better way.

A workbench for a Physically Challenged person.
Jennifer's modified Ben Franklin workbench with her personal Quote.

" The Key to one's self, is Willingness to be one's True Self "

Her new Workbench was created to allow for her wheel chair to fit perfectly. The Sliding foot stool was added for her comfort.

When the bench was completed we invited Jennifer and her Father to come by to see the bench So we could make final adjustments. Jennifer, Jim, and Jennifer's Boyfriend came to see it! She was in tears, upon seeing these tears of Joy, there wasn't a dry eye in the shop. Even one of the toughest guys, Danny, couldn't hold it back. They left that day with the bench loaded on their truck.

It was truly a day to remember at American Workbench.

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