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Actions of certain police departments give law enforcement a bad name, and it also feeds the concern that America is becoming a police state. I have always supported local law enforcement, working with them and not against them; especially the county sheriff. The county sheriff is a unique breed of law enforcement because they are usually the first to ensure that local folks constitutional rights are protected and will stand up against any state or federal authority who tries to supersede anyone's rights. They can do that because their uniqueness, in part, is because they are elected By the People of that county. The sheriff and US Marshal of the Old West made that law enforcement entity famous with names like Wyatt Earp, John Hicks Adams, Charlie Bassett, Morgan Earp, Bat Masterson, and much more.

But there are famous sheriffs in modern time. In Maricopa County, the Sheriff's Office is the largest in Arizona with 763 sworn officers and 2,375 civilian employees (2007) – headed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio – who took on the Feds when they harassed him for enforcing law and no tolerance for illegal immigrants. Of course, he has been branded as a racist, which is absurd because Hispanic officers serve on his team as deputy sheriffs. For example, Maricopa Country Sheriff's Office has 6.6% African American officers, which is more than the 5.6% population ratio of the county. In 2014, there are 223 African American employees, 823 Hispanic Americans (all who are legal citizens), and 103 Asian Pacific Americans. The rest are Caucasian, to include Sheriff Arpaio (Italian descendent).

T. Roosevelt was a Sheriff

The most notable sheriffs in US history: Theodore Roosevelt (North Dakota), Buford Pusser (Tennessee – Walking Tall film), Daniel Boone (Kentucky), Lamar Potts(Georgia), Dave Reichert (Washington – tracked/captured Green River killer), Eugene Coon (Pennsylvania – prevented laid off steel workers foreclosed property from being sold), Grover Cleveland (New York, 22nd/24th US President), Steven Seagal (Louisiana), and Joe Arpaio(Arizona, 1994-present; stands against federal unconstitutional acts and actually enforces immigration laws).

Some of the sheriffs listed at Wikipedia entry are not famous, but infamous – not holding to their oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States and just plain corrupt. They stain the name of the institution, but sheriffs like Arpaio and the Milwaukee County sheriff here in Wisconsin (stood up for concealed carry and against federal anti-gun movement) shine through that minority group of sheriffs.

Thus, a national organization was established to have sheriffs as members (and general public can participate) in order to strengthen the code and constitutional oaths of the sheriff. If your sheriff is not a constitutional sheriff, then you need to elect someone who is. The Constitutional Sheriff's & Peace Officers CSPOA is standing Today to ensure the Second Amendment is there for all of us to protect ourselves. And finally, a testament to why lawful citizens should be armed … two would be hold persons, enter an establishment with intent to rob it, filled with people and a potential massacre situation – stopped by a senior with a concealed carry permit and weapon, not afraid to protect everyone there. Police general arrive 1o to 15 minutes AFTER the robbers leave. It took about ten seconds to counterattack and send the would-be robbers fleeing and injured. Both lived to be prosecuted.

Due to its Graphic Nature Please Click the Watch on YouTube Link.

I would like to note that the events in the video documentaries are not as popular with the media because it does not coincide with their anti-Second Amendment policy or the fact that communities where lawful citizens are allowed to keep, carry and use firearms in defense has lower crime rates. Like the lady in one video speaking before a hearing, her parents would probably would be alive if she was allowed to carry a concealed weapon and had it with her on the day people were massacred by an insane person. Constitutional sheriffs realize that lawfully armed citizens can contribute to the safety of the community and that law enforcement and citizens can work together to prevent and stop violent crimes.

Michael Bloomberg: Using his wealth to silence the People

The gun control system does not really keep firearms from the criminal element, and the reason is so obvious one wonders why people like Michael Bloomberg cannot see it. Of course, in his case, he is a politician who wants control of the populace and taking away firearms from lawful citizens is one way. The best part of the gun control system is the background check, but it is not efficient if people under psychiatric treatment are not reported by the medical community to the FBI NICS system. A good example that the system is broken is the case of the individual shooting employees at the naval station. After more than one misdemeanors with firearms, a history of rage syndrome, and being fired from the naval station - he still retained access to the facility and was able to purchase a shotgun, passing a background check when he should not have. The background system should also have an efficient appeal program. Sometimes, like any system, mistakes are made or marginal decisions must be made. An efficient and responsible appeals system must also be in place to ensure that citizens do not have incorrect negative elements in their record that will not allow legal firearm purchase. The key word here is "legal", because criminals are criminals because they ignore the law, and rarely do they purchase their weapons over-the-counter like lawful citizens do. They go to the underground firearm dealer who sells stolen or otherwise procured firearms, even those that are illegal to have without special permit by lawful citizens. It is part of the arms trade program.

What difference does it make?

In two cases, one in the Fast-N-Furious scandal and the other involved with the Benghazi scandal - the US government became part of the illegal arms trade. This is the same government who insists that citizens cannot possess the same firearms law enforcement uses, insists that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to keep and bear firearms as long as they are black powder firearms used in 1776 (no joke, people like Rosie O'Donnellthink like that). Guns are not the problem, people are, as Tom Selleck once stated in a heated discussion (Rosie was heated, not Tom)it must be more than just gun control (which is already in place) as the problem.

Once upon at time in America, high schools had NRA and local sponsored firearm safety programs with competition events - same as archery; but that no longer exists because it is forbidden. Personally owned firearms was common, but people did not get angry at the world and take it out on innocent people. Hollywood personalities are, for the most part, against the Second Amendment - but it is the same industry who depicts on screen the kind of violence they are depicting on film. Also, too many films make the "bad" guys heroes. Youth today do not have real heroes to emulate; and they look in the wrong places because parents no longer administer discipline or act as good role models - when there are two parents in a household. Putting all of this blame on the NRA is not only unfair, but ludicrous. The NRA has always emphasized safety and responsibility with firearms - providing formal training for such. Today, with concealed carry permits, they also pinpoint on safety procedures and provide sound advice. They are a target by progressive socialists because they are constantly on the watch to prevent them from dissolving our Second Amendment rights - and that makes the leftists angry when they do not get their way. The Second Amendment does not insist that all citizens have firearms, citizens have the right not to have firearms. But those that do not want to own firearms do not have the right to tell others they cannot. Progressives always want to "move on" - so why don't they? Constantly on the march to disarm lawful citizens, leaving firearms only in the hands of criminals and who they say can have them - enforcers of government laws and military. The record of tyrants gaining control over the populace by this method is clear in history; which is why the framers of the Constitution ensured that the Second Amendment was written as it is.

Constitutional Sheriffs [CSPOA] are the first and foremost defense of constitutional rights and liberties – make sure your sheriff is one and he ensures his department policies comply with his oath of office.

Sheriff Giron

I would also like to put in a plug for Rico S. Giron, San Miguel County Sheriff – a real constitutional sheriff. He protect citizens from foreclosure without a trial by jury, does not recognize the Patriot Act, has an Open Door policy and promises to uphold his oath of office protecting county residents, to include the Second Amendment, by not confiscating any weapons from law abiding citizens under any circumstances.

Our country sheriff, Terry Vogel will be retiring at the end of his term, January 2015, so the voters must ensure that he is replaced by a constitutional sheriff that lives by the sheriff code and oath of office – words being followed by action. This country is one of the safest in the United States, important because besides farming, tourism is the major element of our economy here.

I would also like to commend Sheriff Joe Arpaio in his Lifetime Achievement Award and entered in the Sheriff's Hall of Honor, CSPOA. His office is the third largest in the United States, covering a large area.


To equip sheriffs, peace officers and public officials with the necessary information and public support to carry out their duties in accordance with their Oaths of Office.

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