They Fought For US . . . . and it wasn't Easy!

In the 1930s, the problems of Europe, the building of forces led by evil mad men, did not concern Americans, who remembered the horror of the World War that would end all wars.

Despite signing a pact with Hitler, the United States and Great Britain (UK) sided with a communist leader whose crimes of genocide and murder almost matched that of Adolph Hitler – and then our leaders allowed the Soviet Union to carve up eastern Europe creating Soviet satellite states that would usher in the Cold War. Veterans in the United Kingdom and other places in Europe fought against tyranny and evil only to see younger generations forget all of it and concede to progressive socialists, self-gratification, and apathy.

Korean War Memorial

The Korean War was fought, not just against North Korean communists, but the Chinese who we had helped and Americans had died to free them from the Imperial Japanese.

The Vietnam War started to fight against the encroachment of evil communism that had already infiltrated the fabric of our political system in the United States. Socialists/Communists recruited from the framework of our 'higher' educational system, colleges and universities to side with communism and protest against the war.

Vietnam War Memorial

Some veterans, like John Kerry, provided ammunition for the socialist progressive propaganda by providing false testimony, taken into the fold of political entity by a senator called Ted Kennedy. That same person would continue a life-long political career, who was the Secretary of State of an administration that has become the example of a federal government people no longer trust.

The Soviet Union collapsed and became the testament that socialism and communism is not economically feasible, the gist of it based upon a system elevates the power of the state while destroying what makes nations great.

Barrack H. Obama, in his inept leadership qualities, further destroyed foreign policy and the greatness of the United States – but he did not initiate it. His political icon, FDR, began the progressive movement towards a democratic-socialist America; imitating Europe instead of its once rightful place as a role model for other nations. Our leadership and their fans caters to and sides with an enemy as evil as Hitler and Stalin and their henchmen; and succeeding more than Nazism and Communism did, as they infiltrate and pollute the infrastructure of free nations. Their organizations are numerous and they hail not just from one country or allied force; but all embrace the doctrine of Sharia law and caliphate theocracy shall dominate the world under the Islamic flag. They do not wear specific uniforms and kill women and children just as easily as they do soldiers and marines. They beheaded prisoners while we put them in compounds, our leadership arguing whether they are prisoners of war or should be punished for crimes against humanity or just set free. Leadership (and lame stream media) fearful of religious warriors who have zero tolerance toward other religions with a policy of convert or die and whose clerics have openly declared war against free nations.

Our long-time friend and neighbor, Canada, suffers no less as recent news reveals that Michael Joseph Hall, his surname changed to Zehaf-Bibeau after being indoctrinated in the militant organization of Islamic Jihad, age 23, killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo and then opened fire on Canadian Parliament buildings.

Just before that news, civilians captured were beheaded, and an American woman beheaded by an Islamic convert.

Islamic Jihadists are recruiting on the Internet and within US prisons, focusing on delusional and anti-social men and women – sometimes from colleges and universities. It is a Marxist ploy – gain the support of the youth of a nation by changing history and injecting " Systemic Racism" into their curriculum,( Sound Familiar? CRT?) and that nation comes under the state's power.

The present government administration refuses to recognize that the free world is fighting against a religious faction, which any WW2 veteran still alive who fought in the Pacific Theater can tell you – it is a hard enemy to defeat.

It is even harder when bed-wetting progressives side with politicians with ulterior motives against their [$$$] own country in favor of appeasement of people who think nothing of murder [Russia] and genocide [China] in order to gain control as their agenda requires.

Does anyone remember what this Represented in WW II ?

Sermon Spice has produced the following video available for a donation; entitled “I Fought For You” - it went viral on Facebook ….at least before censoring became the fashion with "Big Tech"!!

Veterans are fighting another battle, one without firearms. It is the battle for the benefits they were promised for serving their country when Congress and/or the President ordered them to go to war – sometimes downplayed as a 'conflict'.

"It is time that we have leadership that abides by Constitutional law, honors their oath of office, and honors their promise to veterans of wars they have approved or declared."

If there is no funding, as so many politicians claim, it is because of the waste of funding and funding for foreign nations and people who end up hating the United States or already do.

Many whom are still alive today either from Wartime or Peacetime served for our Nation are cringing when they see "Woke" Commercials to attract new Enlistees for all branches of Service for the United States of America. That doesn't represent the Beacon and Pillars of Peace that we fought for.

To think that "Critical Race Theory" is being introduced to our Military for the last several months is devastating to all that came before to defend. What about those that are currently being pressured and enlisted? They are aghast, deflated, disappointed and ready to go A.W.O.L.

And for those who didn't make it home ~


Nothing like coming home, especially a surprise during a tribute patriot concert of Toby Keith

If these videos do not produce tears, well I'm sorry for you.

This is our United States of America! I was in the United States Navy in the 70's It was a very different Country from what has transpired since January 20th 2021.

We need to take it back before its too late and our nation is taken and our Constitution becomes NULL while a great portion of our citizens are hypnotized and propagandized to Sleep. Do not be Woke....instead....WAKE-UP America!!!!!!

John A. Zirpola, SR America Reload's!!!

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