What is "Man in America" Doing to this Country?!!!

Little-known jewelry auctioneer Seth Holehouse burst into MAGA stardom 9 months ago after President Donald Trump repeatedly posted a video produced and starring Holehouse that alleged the election was stolen.

“Wow!” Trump tweeted on Dec. 20, attaching footage of Holehouse’s video, “The Plot to Steal America.”

Through Safe Chat, Telegram, YouTube, Rise TV, and a modicum of other venues, Seth is bringing truth to the Real American people.

His calm encouraging demeanor brings forth the confidence of a saddened 75 million voters at least of record that are truly disenchanted with the way in which the Democratic Party is said to have undermined legal Constitutional laws, Broken voting rules, and underhandedly used big tech dollars to pay off American Citizens to perform uncommon movements to control the 2020 Election.

This in of itself doesn't by any mean exonerate the companies that have sold their Vote Calculating Equipment to States who unknowingly accepted the Security professed by those companies.

Host Seth Holehouse dives into positive stories of patriots winning across the nation. From politics and current events to American history and more, Man in America will bring you up to date—all in a calm, rational, and inspiring manner. Man in America’s mission is to shine a light on the dark forces in this world and to bring forth the spirit of 1776 in fellow patriots.

While I could go deeper into my own questions on the CCP's involvement, I leave that to the eloquence of Seth Holehouse to deliver. A wonderful example would be this weeks "Rise Content as seen below.

I invite you to take an objective look into "Man in America" and Rise TV and judge for yourself with an Open Mind on where our Country has been and where it is headed. Even the Mainstream (CIA Driven) Media is Balking at some of the moves this Regime we call the new US Government is taking.

The pain and suffrage of so many American citizens has been driven by smoke and mirrors provided by so many only to cover ground lost by the 2016 Election where they somehow lost control of that Election underestimating the popularity of one "Donald Trump".

It has become more than a race to undermine the U.S. Constitution to make up for this lost ground in an effort to bankrupt our Republic and break the spirit of so many, politically and economically.

The 45th President showed all of America that the shortcomings of previous administrations were hell bent on deflating our spirit into the understanding that America was weak and someone would have to wave a Magic Wand to make any kind of turnaround.

Well within the turmoil of Media Aggression and Propaganda, the 45th President showed everyone of course without the fanfare of the media, that America was and is until now the Strongest Country on the Planet.

Rise TV ,and Man in America, along with a myriad of other voices are helping to demythologize the untruths that are consistently separating good Americans from the unity needed to eliminate our Country's destruction. Let's support venues like this by Listening, Discerning and Praying for intervention during these troubled, sabotaged times of planned destruction.

I will be bringing more opportunities of information in the coming months for those interested in seeing both sides of the coin, before it is dropped into the machine and there will be no refunds ~ My Best and God Bless America ~ John

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