Chuck Pede vise.jpg

Thanks John!


All put together in good order!  Very pleased & appreciate the craftsmanship & hard work.  Hornady Classic Lock & Load press sets back off the front lip to where the mounting bolts would get into the top 2x4 frame.  Found what should be a good solution with a mounting frame from Inline Fabrication.



Randy Taylor







John, I wanted to take a moment of your time and tell you thank you. Steve’s bench is more than we could have possibly hoped for. It is beautiful. Thank you. Laurie & Stephen Beauchamp

Spokane , WA

























Greetings John, 🤗Appreciate You helping us out on short notice!! The Bench is Fantastic 💥🇺🇸Merry Christmas 🎄and Joyous and Healthy New Year To You & Family 🤗🙏

Bill Fleishhauer

Derry, New Hampshire

December 23, 2021






















I successfully added the vise.  Photo below.  Interesting process of drilling - but it worked.  Measured 10 times, drilled once!


And finally watched your video on your website.  Impressive.


Take care and thanks for my bench.  I love it.


Chuck Pede

November 14, 2021



Hi John,
I had purchased a workbench from you in 2010 for a wedding gift to my husband for our 2011 wedding.
When it arrived, it was even more perfect than I expected.  Your workmanship, the craft, wood, & how beautiful you engraved the gift, was more than what I expected.
I emailed you to tell you how pleased I was.
I am now looking for a wood storage chest & remembered you. 
I wanted to support small business & knew what a beautiful product you made. I was looking you up to see if you could build me a w ood storage chest.
Then, I read your page.
I am so sorry for your wife’s health, your struggles, all the hardships you have faced, your business shut down, & Covid lockdowns. But I am glad you turn to faith & you keep American pride at the fore front.
I wish you the best & hope that you have a lot of health, happiness & success in your future!
Sincerely, Loretta Costa

November 12, 2021




Hi John,
I just wanted to send you a long overdue thank you for my beautiful reloading bench. It was order number 100004000 from last year (2018).  You guys were inundated with floods then and were about to evacuate but still managed to get my bench to me in perfect condition. It was exactly as ordered and the workmanship is superb; worth every penny! Thanks again for putting out such a great product. You and your company are an example of capitalism at its finest.
God Bless You,
Lee Huson

April 24, 2019


John, Debbie is at your workbench several hours a day. The bench is perfect for her many interests. She staged this picture during a sewing project.Debbie suffered several losses last year. This bench has reenergized her. Her creativity is blooming because she has her space that fits her personality. I am delighted that she is delighted.

Thanks again.     Phil Godding 

John, One thing for sure and that is Y’all really know how to build a quality workbench. I could not be happier with my Constitution workbench and evident that you and your team put your hearts and soul into every workbench that leaves your shop. I know nothing in this world is perfect, but my Constitution Workbench is darn close. I could tell right away the way you packed the work bench it was going to be special. Heck, you even answer your phone and take the time to talk me through my questions!! I wish you continual success appreciates what you and your team do!


Bob Wilbanks Littleton CO Bob Wilbanks,  Littleton CO 80123



John, Thank you so much for a great piece of fine craftsmanship! The Constitution is the reloading bench that I’ve dreamed of having for so many years and you made it possible. This will be handed down to my son someday and I’m sure to his someday! I’m very proud to own a piece of America and will use it until my hands can no longer produce ammunition.Thank you again!


 Shannon Straley, 10235 Wagoner Circle




Hi John, I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your team on the quality build of my Constitution workbench. The fit, finish and layout of the bench has surpassed my expectations! The pigeon holes, shelves and side compartment are well thought out in size, functionality and looks. Assembly was a breeze with all the holes aligning up perfectly with each labeled part. The layout of the engraving and quote was spot on and the gold lettering against the Mahogany seems to glow in the light. I’m totally satisfied in the workbench and how ideally it was customizable to my needs in size and functionality while having a great sense of style!


Thank you,


Thomas Winczek 




The bench arrived today, the packaging was excellent.

I had assembled the bench in less than 1 hour as it all went together like a hand in a glove.

I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. The bench takes pride and joy in my workshop.

Once again a big thank you.


Chris Parsons 

Magnolia, TX



Greetings John,

I bought one of your benches for my son's birthday

and he is thrilled.  Thank you for doing such a fine



Diana Calder




Attached is a picture of my amazing workbench. As excited as I was to receive it, it has exceeded my expectations in every way. It is not only solidly constructed but also beautiful to look at.  It is entirely functional as both a sewing station and a stained glass work area due to the ability to set the bottom shelf height to my specs. Thus, I am able to sit while sewing and stand to cut and piece glass at a table that is ergonomically spot on. The engraving of our family motto was an absolute bonus; so professionally and beautifully done. I am thrilled to have found your company. 

Many thanks again,

Heather Kartchner



Hi John,


Just a quick note to say that I love my workbench and it is everything I wanted and need.


Thanks for handling my order and for the efficient and easy to follow delivery.


Kind regards,




Eugene W. Domack

Professor of Geological Oceanography



John, I just received my Ben Franklin workbench and cannot tell you how pleased I am with the quality and craftsmanship it exemplifies.  Thank you so much:)


Matthew Clark




Hi John,

I am very pleased with the Workbench. It is beautiful. I was going to bolt a bench Grinder to it but after seeing how nice it is I decided to bolt my Grinder to a different table. I am very satisfied with the whole process. The workbench was every bit as good as you described. You kept me up to date on everything via e-mails & I would definitely buy from you again.


Raymond Lingenfelder



Dear Mr. Zirpola:


I understand the difficulty you had with the weather, the press of business and delays from your suppliers, but I would like you to know that the workbench you made for me was worth the extra wait!   I had to smile that there were no instructions!  Of course, anyone who would appreciate your workbenches enough to order one would be fully capable of putting it together without any instructions!  :-). It was a breeze to put together.

Thank you so very much for your hard work at communications during the difficult stretch, and for the fine work, you and your crew do in manufacturing such a fine product.  I look forward to many good years of use on my own, and without a doubt, my heirs will do the same. 

James V. Springrose, M.D.







Hi John, The bench was delivered and I got it together…. It is just awesome!!!  One question, I didn’t see any screws to attach the chair top to the bottom. I can run to the hardware store to buy some, but wanted to check what size I should get.


Thanks again…. You are a true craftsman!!    John


John M. Snyder, FACHE
Executive Vice President and System Chief Operating Officer

Chief Executive Officer-Health Alliance Medical Plans
Carle Health System 







Hi John,


My bench arrived yesterday and it is even nicer than I could have imagined.  It was a bear to get to the second floor....but assembly was easy and straight forward.  One thing I wanted to mention:  When I ordered the bench, one of the things I recall discussing was the side rails on the desktop.  I thought those were added to my order, but it did not arrive that way.  Not sure if those are something that can easily be added afterward, but it would definitely make a difference.  Either way, I LOVE THIS BENCH!!!  Thank you for making the dartboard carving happen too.  It looks fantastic!


Have a great weekend.




Jeff White

January 2018



John and associates,

Thanks so much for all your efforts.  I could not be more pleased with this finished product.  I also appreciate the extra item you included. I will certainty recommend your company.




Barry A Rodlun



I just wanted to thank everyone at American Workbench for the fine job they did on mine, what an example of American workmanship. The engraving is beautiful I'm so glad I dedicated it to my dad he was a bricklayer and did the same kind of quality work in everything he did. I'm sure the bench will be here long after I'm gone.


Thank You, Robert J DeHart,




I got my reloading bench and shelving units and I just wanted to let you and your crew know I’m really impressed with the craftsmanship. Yall did a great job.

Pass my thanks on to everyone there.


I have one question. What is the brand name of the stain you use?

I’m doing a little woodwork and wanted to match it.



DON Lloyd






Truly a legacy to pass on.   My Son loves it, John.  Thank you!





"The Best Never Waiver"




Dear Santa, I mean John,

I received my bench today, and I couldn't get home fast enough to check it out. Within an hour my son and I had it unpacked and put together. I am so so happy with the way it turned out and more importantly my wife really liked it. (You know what they say happy wife happy life). Anyway, I just wanted to say the extra wait was worth it and to thank-you very much. Keep up the good work. 


God bless you,

Ramon Alonso








Sorry, I have not written to you sooner but I'm writing to you now to tell you how beautiful the workbench is. I wish my father was alive to see your wood craftsmanship. He was a carpenter & his woodworks were beautiful and loved by all. It is more than I imagined and the inscription for my husband for 9/11 and 173 Airborne brought tears to our eyes. We will cherish it forever and use it with pride.

Thank you for a beautiful bench, Maureen






The bench arrived today, the packaging  was excellent.
I had assembled the bench in less than 1 hour as it all went together like a hand in a glove.
I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. The bench takes pride and joy in my workshop.
Once again a big thank you.

Chris Parsons 

February 16, 2016




Greetings John,

I bought one of your benches for my son's birthday

and he is thrilled.  Thank you for doing such a fine



Diana Calder

February , 14, 2018




John I received my bench it looks great put it together last night with no problems your guys did a great job I would recommend you to all of my reloading friends thanks once again

Scott Bluhm October 30 2015


Both workbenches look just as we had pictured in our minds!


Happy customers here!



Jeff Meredith June 11 2015

John, I just received my Ben Franklin workbench and cannot tell you how pleased I am with the quality and craftsmanship it exemplifies.  Thank you so much:)


Matthew Clark. June 3, 2015

The bench is beautiful.  For some reason I thought the top would be the same stain/color as the legs.  Not a problem but took a little getting used to based on my expectation.  The pre-drill on one leg seemed a little too big and the lag bolts "slipped" a little and would not completely bite.  Again, not anything that could not be fixed.  Everyone I show loves the bench and I think it will be with me and my family for a long time to come.  I can see where UPS has caused you some problems.  I was not here for delivery (someone else was).  I saw the box and it looked pretty beat up.  I was concerned there would be damage.  Thankfully, no damage.  Thanks again for a great bench.  Hopefully others will like it and want to buy something truly made in America (at least the America I am proud of).  Keep up the good work.

Kory Phillips March 28 2010

John: The bench arrived in fine shape. Well packed and delivered. I put it together in about 2 hours...not bad for me who is so particular. Love the bench and the inscription and "sloop" came out perfectly.
I can see why your BB rating is "A". With all your other chores there you always found time to answer my questions during a busy day.Thank you: it's been a great experience dealing with you. Who knows with all the stuff I have I might get a smaller bench to complement this one. I will not mention that to my  wife right now. 
Wishing you pleasant holidays. 
Bob Payne   October 21, 2009

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: We could not have found a better retirement gift for our friend.  And the awesome customer service that John provided just made this a completely great experience.  John kept me informed and patiently answered my anxious emails. He also went above and beyond by tracking down a trout carving for the bench!  John could be the poster boy for outstanding customer service.  And it was 100% genuine.  It is refreshing that someone still takes pride in their product and knows how to treat the customer.  Our friend was utterly lost for words when he received this bench.  Thank You Thank You Thank You John for making this a truly great experience! The bench is stunning! A craftman's work of art.


Carol Dahn April 23 2009

John,  Just finished putting the benches together.  They look great. Thanks again.  


Ken Falke. March 1 2009

John,  I wanted to let you know that you have another more than satisfied customer! I finally got out in the garage to put our three Plantation benches together, and I was extremely pleased with the design, fit, & finish of them all. The modifications you did to clear the cinderblocks around the foundation worked fine.  Now I can start working on that "things to do" list which is getting longer all the time!  Thanks again for building such nice products, best of luck to you and your family in the future!  


Kenny Kovach  March 1 2009


Yes I received my Plantation Workbench and it is outstanding!  I ended up going to UPS Freight here in Cincinnati area to pick it up myself on Monday afternoon.   UPS was fairly backlogged with all the severe winter storms that have passed through in the last week.  I tried sending you an e-mail yesterday with 4 photos attached but I’m not so sure it made it thru to you?  If it didn’t I’ll try and re-send later today.


Anyway as I mentioned the Plantation Workbench is outstanding; it’s even more than I was expecting!  The quality and craftsmanship are impressive!  You do great work and I can tell you take tremendous pride in creating such a perfect and practical workbench!  As I joked in my last e-mail, my wife was so impressed she was ready to order some baskets from “The Pottery Barn” and put the workbench inside the house.   Like many folks mentioned I’m hesitant to put that first “ding” in it.


I know I will get many, many years of use out of such a solid and durable workbench.  I’ll attempt to re-send a message with photos later today.


            Thanks for such a great product and such personal service.

                        Chris Chaney.  February 2009

John –




Great job.  The workbench is everything you said it would be.  It was packed well, easy to put together (just about 20 min as you said) and absolutely rock solid.  I love it.  My 4 boys love it…and, yes, my wife Renee was even excited about it once she saw the quality and especially the engraving on the front.  Very nice and a conversation piece, for sure.  I’m sure one of my kids will have it someday when I’m too old or have moved on….


Thanks again – you were great and I am very satisfied!  Feel free to quote me.




Jeffrey W. Chenevey



January 30, 2009

I wanted to thank you again for making my son, Sam's, Christmas so special.  The quality of the bench is remarkable. I can see him passing it on to his kids someday.

Your efforts to ensure delivery before Christmas is greatly appreciated.  You really went the extra mile to make it happen.  
I can honestly say I have not run across many companies with such attention to design, craftsmanship and service.

Hope you have a great 2009.

Greg. Fix January 21 2009

Dear John: I had to wait until now (Christmas eve) to put my workbench together.  My new patio was finally finished three days ago.  I just wanted to let you know that it is a most beautiful table.  It will be used as a table bench when I bar-b-que!  Everything about this workbench is absolutely superior to anything I have seen.  Congratulations and Best Wishes! Your love for your craft is definitely evident your product.
Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous 2009!  Dr. Rolando Guerra, Laredo, Tx 78041

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Good
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: Very rare these days to find excellent customer service combined with stellar quality craftsmanship.  My husband loves the quality of his new workbench and is redoing an entire room around it!! Thanks John!

Michelle Hunt.  December 1, 2008

Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 17:55:12 -0700
From: john@americanworkbench.com
Subject: RE:
To: Dan@xxxxxxx.com 


Hi Dan,

No They ordered 5 just shortly after you. I added the guns as a bonus for 5 at one time. I truly hope that you enjoy your new benches. I was wondering, How did you find us as you were looking? That helps me with my advertising( which is costly for a little guy). I loved the way the stars looked...




I have wanted a couple of work benches in my garage for some time (we have a rather large garage).  I have always wanted the benches to be wooden benches like my dad worked off of when I was young.  I went on line and used Google and typed in work benches. All I saw were benches that come in about 150 parts and were made of metal.  I then typed in work benches wooden and I found your web page. When I saw the benches, I knew "this is what I am looking for."
Best Regards,


Dan Krejci 

Dear John 

Very Happy!!  I did want you to know that the parts you secured inside the top of the bench with plastic tabs and cardboard worked loose, including the vise, but caused no damage.  A few of the slats on the shelf had worked loose, which i refastened with 18ga 1 3/8 air brads....much more secure. I didn't use the washers.  I liked the look better.   Please know that I'll enjoy many years of using this beautiful tool..  Please feel free to share the pictures.  I'll call next time we're visiting Charleston.  I hope you'll do the same when visiting the DC area.


Houston & Associates  Henry and Doreen Houston
Re/Max Commercial

October 18, 2008

John = Bruce  Keller
comments = John,
I have to tell you, the Little John that
you built was excellent.
You are second to none , and a Master
Craftsman. I'm very proud of this,
my friends are jealous!
And last, during these times I'm very
grateful this was made In AMERICA.

Thank you, JOHN 

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options  Rating :Excellent
Delivery Rating: Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: I  highly recommend this workbench.

James Flowers 8/15/2008

Rating: Excellent
Price Rating: Excellent
Shipping Options Rating: Excellent
Delivery Rating:Excellent
Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
Body: An excellent on-line buying experience.  Everything the company claims is true:  The bench is solid as a rock; the company was responsive to my need for some modifications; delivery was exactly as projected; the bench was well packed and arrived in good condition; assembly was a breeze with unique assembly instruction labels on key components.

I was looking around for some time at various options for my office/workshop and when I saw American Workbench, I thought I had found a good answer.  After I had the bench set up in-place, I realized I found the perfect answer and congratulate myself on a good purchase and American Workbench for a terrific product and overall job well done.

Dan Chiariello   8/14/2008

Hi John,

The bench arrived yesterday.  I haven't had to time to closely inspect
it and assemble it, but at first glance I think everything is fine
with it.  The box is beat up of course, but I opened it up and looked
everything over and nothing seems broken.  Thanks for doing it without
signature required.  I never would have been able to get otherwise.

I let you know once I put it together this weekend but I'm sure it
will be great.  It looks amazing.

Thanks again,

On 6/23/08, Nirav Patel