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Heirloom Quality . Built to Last Several Lifetimes
Complimentary Engraved Lettering on all Benches.
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   The Constitution Reloading Bench   

The Constitution was originally designed by the request of a few clients back in 2009. We listened to the needs of these enthusiasts and created a balanced counter weighted bench that uses the rear top tier shelving for balance when using a reloading press. We also added the optional “Side Splashes” to assist in keeping everything on the table.

  The Ben Franklin / Hobby Bench  

The "Ben Franklin" was originally designed to merge our original Jewelers Bench and Fly Tying Bench. Since then it has attracted a multitude of hobbyists. Modelers, Gunsmiths, reloading enthusiasts, Guitar Builders, and Leather Crafters , to name a few.The Pigeon Holes and Side Compartments lend to a strong organizational style assisting in orderly project completion.

Shelving and Organization

Check out or Accessories Page! You'l find this GEM! Years ago we built these for our shop. Add some Casters, Heck, Even add Drawers to the shelving. Available in all sizes, you can Add shelves. Great for Storage, Showing off Models and Project. Its all up to your Imagination.

  Accessories for your Workbench. 

Enhance your bench by adding Accessories, Like: Drawers, Casters, Side Lift Casters, Side Compartments, Cabinet makers vises, Catch Trays, Stools, Additional Shelves, Shelving Racks,Shop Fox Vises, Bench Dog Pups, and Hats ; just to name a few. Some items can be added later however most are Custom installed/ 

What goes into the beginnings of a Great Work area?

A Strong workbench to begin future Projects. Workbenches should offer custom height and sizes to suite your workshop. Woodworking or Workbenches must be sturdy and ready to take on any Project. It must have a flat sturdy work surface ready to take on any challenge.  
Our Custom Workbenches are built to last for several Lifetimes and ready to take on abuse.  
There are hundreds of workbenches available on the internet, however, not many are made here in America, and No One offers a complete Custom opportunity.
Here on our site, you choose your Size, Height, Bottom Shelf Depth, Color, Finish and Name Engraving at No Additional charge. To enhance your work space, we have some pretty accommodating accessories to make it even better!

We have integrated Bally Block Maple Butcher Block tops on all of our workbenches
The 1 - 3/4"rock-hard edge grain construction of our Tops assure you of the maximum durability and the greatest construction strength available. Tops are finished with DURAKRYL 102. This tough, acrylic coating will repel alcohol, bleach, even paint thinner! 
These tops are hard at work in factories and on shipping and receiving docks around the world. In the material handling business there is no better top than a solid Laminated Wood Welded Butcher Block .

Our Designs are for the Home Handy Man, Professional Makers, Hobbyists, Crafts People, and Shop Owners.
For the Money, these are hardworking workbenches built to take on Lifetimes of hard service.

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AWB Through the Years

AWB Through the Years

AWB Through the Years
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